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Parenting Sessions

A parenting session provides you with the opportunity to work with me in my office, in a confidential, calm setting.  A session dedicated to untangling the dynamics between parent and child will benefit everyone in the house by reducing stress and strengthening connections for all.  After years of working with families and raising my own kids, I have found that the pillars of Positive Discipline most aptly reflect what I know to be true about parenting.  Because of this, I trained to become a certified Positive Discipline Educator. The one-on-one, parenting sessions I host for adults in my office reflect the principles that Jane Nelsen wrote about in her 1981 book called Positive Discipline.


In short, Nelsen reminds us that human behavior is motivated by a desire for belonging, significance, connection and worth. Children are hardwired from birth to seek connections with others.  When children feel connected, they are more likely to cooperate and less likely to misbehave. If we view behavior simply as a means of communication (rather than something our kids choose just to annoy or anger us), then we can interpret it as a “code” that simply alerts us to when our kids feel understood and feel a sense of belonging versus when they need our attention, connection, time, and teaching. 

Why Schedule A Parenting Session?

  • IS WHAT I AM EXPERIENCING NORMAL?  My background helps me understand your parent-child dynamics to determine whether your experience represents “typical” patterns or stages of development versus more complex issues that might require a more serious intervention.


  • HOW DID I LOSE CONTROL AND HOW DO I GET IT BACK?  Some parents need to regain a sense of control in their home, to be reminded that they are in charge, and that they have permission to set boundaries and enforce rules in order to anchor their family in shared values.


  • ARE MY PARENTING STRUGGLES IMPACTING ME IN MY OTHER ADULT ROLES? Working together with me on specific parenting tools, scripts, and strategies greatly impacts the strength and durability of your marriage and your friendships, as well as enhancing your focus and performance in the workplace.

How Does a Typical Session Run?

​Parenting sessions meet once a week or once every two weeks for one hour. Sometimes both parents are present, others times just one parent. During the first five-ten minutes together, we review homework and set goals for the session.  Here are a few examples of tasks we may address in our sessions together:

  • locating areas of conflict and naming our triggers

  • identifying patterns of behavior

  • determining shared family values and how to impart those

  • writing scripts for specific situations

  • learning to manage our anger/anxiety

  • analyzing the efficacy of current parenting strategies

  • developing routines to save energy and reduce tedium

  • learning how to use technology in a balanced way

Parents leave with “homework” to solidify what we practice together in session.