All You Need Is Love

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Sometimes it's hard to express big feelings. They tend to overwhelm us with their enormity. We reach for the right words to capture the feelings that accompany being loved, hugged, nurtured, but those words are often just beyond our reach. It's also risky to speak about these huge emotions. Sometimes other people get squirmy and uncomfortable when we gush in this way so we tend to opt out.  Maybe this Valentine's Day, challenge yourself to take a risk. Is it easier for you to write your feelings down in a card or to show them in a picture? Or maybe it works better for you to play a song for someone, and to let them know that you always think of them when you hear that song? Or is it just selecting a favorite, cherished photo and texting your special person a photo with a quick note that says, "Thinking of you makes me smile" or "I always feel better for having spent time with you." When you know who loves you, you know your safe places. Be sure to tell your loved ones this truth. When you go out on a limb like that, it always makes the other person's day. Go ahead. You'll see.

Love, Cristina