"GEMS is a highlight of my week. Cristina shares valuable information that you can’t find in a parenting book. The combination of support, strategy and and shared experiences has armed me with parenting skills that are now a natural part of my life and have definitely made me a better mother. Taking one hour a week to focus on our role as parents and learn how to be the best we can be is an investment in my family that is invaluable to me."  Anastasia

"Cristina is a GEM herself!  Her expertise and calm demeanor helps me get through some of my toughest parenting challenges throughout these teenage years.  When I have felt that I was failing as a mom, she always put everything in perspective and set me up to succeed.  She is passionate about helping us all with everyday ups and downs.  Her title as Parenting Specialist is exactly what makes her different from some other therapists.  She focuses on us, as parents, to figure out a plan and then implement it with our children as a whole family unit.  She is a huge reason why my marriage has become stronger and why my children are thriving.  Cristina has brought a calming balance in my life which I am forever grateful for."  TB

"Cristina is wise and extremely insightful.  I have been attending her workshops for four years and have found her sessions to be relevant to raising children of any age, but as a parent of teens, spot on."  Lisa

"Not only do I look forward to GEMS weekly for the warmth, friendship, support and guidance that Cristina generates in the group, but I simply need GEMS for the perspective, reassurance, and the influx of new ideas and perspectives to break me out of whatever (parenting or other) rut I may be in."  Wendy

"I'm a huge Cristina fan.  She has helped me immensely with anxiety issues around my kids' food allergies, and is just an incredibly thoughtful sounding board and expert source of information around parenting.  I've been to a handful of her parenting workshops and always leave with something new I can implement immediately in our home.  I am beyond grateful for her counsel and really excited to spend an hour a week working on being a better parent....and maybe just venting some, too!"  Hillary

“I am grateful for all of the parenting tools Cristina has armed me with me over the past two years.  Through our GEMS group, I have found a safe haven to discuss all the underbelly of parenting.  So often people do not want to discuss the difficult moments surrounding their children, and I have found it to be a great relief that I am not alone in this journey.  GEMS has given me the gift of allowing space between conflicts, circling back with the highs and lows of situations that arise and the confidence that I am creating a space for our girls to grow up and learn to be confident, resilient, and authentic individuals.”  Tracey

"This is my second year as a member of one of Cristina’s GEMS groups and I can honestly say it is something I truly look forward to every week.  When I stop to think about it, I’m very surprised how much I’ve learned these past 18 months.  I didn’t expect to benefit quite as much having older kids (one in college, one in high school), but every session is another eye opener, reminder or reassurance for me.  I feel very safe with our group of moms as we share our inner-most fears, concerns and joys but it wouldn’t be the same without Cristina’s balance, wisdom and calming guidance.  I feel extremely lucky to have found Cristina and GEMS!"   Michelle

"They say kids don’t come with a manual. The closest I’ve come is attending Cristina’s parenting workshops. I have 2 teen boys and a tween daughter—her insights, strategies and scripts have dramatically improved our family dynamic. When I’m at a loss for words, I have hers, which has given me confidence in parenting situations I wouldn’t have had before. I feel more in control and am able to make the most of teachable moments, fix mistakes and create realistic consequences and expectations. She is intuitive, lively and has a lovely realness to her that never makes you feel judged or spoken “at.” I can’t recommend her enough."  Danielle